Student Absence

Procedure for Daily Absence

On each day that a student is absent from school, an SMS message will be forwarded during the morning to the nominated parent/guardian’s mobile phone indicating their son’s absence.  The parent/guardian will then be required to reply via SMS to the College with a reason for that absence.

An explanatory note on the student’s return to the College is not required, provided the parent/guardian has responded to the SMS message.  Additionally, a telephone call is no longer required to be made to the College Office in the event of a student’s absence.

Students in Years 9 - 12 who are absent during an assessment task will be required to provide a medical certificate to the Curriculum Co-ordinator on the first day the student returns to the College.

On special days (e.g. sports carnivals) a medical certificate may be required to verify absence.  Students will be warned about the requirements for absence prior to the declared day.


Procedure for Extended Absence

In line with the NSW Education Act relating to student attendance, should a parent wish to request that a student undertake holidays/travel during the school term,  the relevant form below must be completed:


Holidays / Travel between 1-100 Days:

A1 Application for Extended Leave - Travel

Exemption from attendance at school:

A2 Application for Exemption from Attendance at School


Circumstances under which this form should be submitted include:

  • Exceptional circumstances;       

  • Employment in entertainment industry;

  • Participation in elite arts or elite sporting events.

Where practical, the appropriate form is to be submitted to the Principal four weeks prior to the student commencing his known period of absence.  

It is expected that medical and other appointments are made out of College hours.

In particular, parents/guardians and students are reminded of their responsibility to ensure the relevant year Assessment Schedule has been consulted to confirm any assessment(s) or examination(s) that may take place during an absence. Students must consult with the Curriculum Co-ordinator regarding possible alternative arrangements where absence during these occasions is known in advance.