Art Rules at Hazelhurst Gallery

Congratulations to Michael Baroud of Year 12 for being selected to display his work in the annual exhibition of HSC art at Hazelhurst Gallery, Gymea. The exhibition celebrates 23 students work from St George and Sutherland Shire schools.

The exhibition will run from 13 December 2019 to 19 January 2020.

This is currently posted on the Hazelhurst website:

'Michael Baroud from Marist College Kogarah explores the concept of gentrification and the changing nature of Sydney’s urban landscape in his work Gentrify This! (2019). His work depicts four dilapidated community buildings from different parts of Sydney, captured through use of coloured pencil drawings on corrugated cardboard. Baroud’s use of pencil mark and treatment of the scored and ripped cardboard creatures a worn and weathered texture – emphasising that these buildings ripe are for development, no matter their historical significance.' 

Michael Baroud Art Rules