Uniform and Grooming

College Uniform 

It is a requirement that all students wear the correct school and sports uniform. If, for any reason, a student is unable to do so, a note of explanation from a parent/guardian should be presented to the student’s Year Coordinator before 8.30 am. The Year Co-ordinator will then sign alongside the day in the student’s College Diary. Students without permission, or with an unsatisfactory explanation for uniform variation, will be issued a detention. Where full College Uniform cannot be worn, full Sports Uniform must be worn. Likewise, on a Thursday, if a student is unable to wear full Sports Uniform, they must come in full College Uniform. Students who do not wear their uniform appropriately will be issued a detention.

The official College Uniform is only available for purchase from Lowes Hurstville.

The College bag and Sports bag are compulsory for all students and issued to Year 7 students at the commencement of each year. Replacement bags may be purchased through the College Office.



Years 7-12:              Mandatory College and Sports bag


Long, mid-grey trousers.
Dark blue tailored shorts may be worn in Terms 1 and 4.


Black belt must be worn at all times with trousers or tailored shorts.


Years 7-10:              Light blue College shirt
Years 11-12:            White College shirt
(Short sleeve in summer, optional long sleeve in winter.)


Years 7-10:               Junior College tie
Years 11-12:             Senior College tie   


Black, polished leather regulation school shoes (with a heel).


Black or dark grey (if long trousers are worn).
College knee high socks (if shorts are worn).


Grey with red and white V-neck.


College blazer with logo (Mandatory in Terms 2 and 3).


Sports Uniform


College tracksuit.


College shorts.


Red and white polo shirt with College crest.

House Shirt

House polo to be used for all House activities and PDHPE lessons.


Plain, predominantly white, lace-up sports shoes.


College Sport socks with red stripes.


Hair Policy (contained in Diary)

The College Policy on hairstyles is very clear. Extreme haircuts will not be tolerated. Please note:

  • Any use of a blade number lower than ”2” is unacceptable. All haircuts must be blended and uniform in appearance, therefore any excess style trend will not be tolerated;

  • Hair needs to be maintained in a clean, neat and tidy fashion, with length being above the top of the collar and not long enough to be able to be tucked behind the ear. The fringe must not cover the eyes;

  • Dyed hair is not acceptable. Hair gel/wax should not be excessively applied;

  • Haircuts that are deemed not to comply with policy, or that invite comment from College staff, will be dealt with by the Year Co-ordinator or Assistant Principal, as appropriate.

Students who persist with inappropriate hairstyles will be sent home until their hair complies with College regulations.